Can you play live casino online for sure money?

Can you play live casino online for sure money?

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Online gambling is a well known activity around the globe, and it could possibly offer residents of Malaysia a thrilling solution to pass the time. However, you will find certain laws that really must be taken into consideration before engaging in Live Casino activities. Let's have a closer look at these laws and understand what they mean for people who need to gamble in Malaysia.

Gambling Laws in Malaysia

In Malaysia, gambling is illegal under Section 7 of the Betting Act 1953. Which means that all kinds of gambling, including casino games, slot machines, and sports betting, are prohibited. The only real exception to the rule is horse racing, which can be legal underneath the Racing Act 1961.

Additionally, it is very important to note that online gambling falls underneath the same restrictions as offline gambling; both are illegal based on Malaysian law. Which means that residents of Malaysia shouldn't engage in any type of online gambling activity since it could bring about serious legal implications. However, some Malaysians still elect to gamble online at foreign sites not surprisingly risk. These sites may be found outside Malaysian jurisdiction and therefore don't come under local police regulations.

Online Gambling Safety & Security

Whenever choosing an online gambling site, it is very important to make sure that you choose one with an excellent reputation and one which prioritizes safety and security measures such as secure payment options and data encryption technology. Additionally, it's far better stay with sites which were operating for many years so you realize they'll be around for a time if something goes wrong or if you want customer service assistance afterwards down the line.


Overall, it's important for residents of Malaysia to remember that all kinds of gambling—online or offline—are illegal based on Malaysian law. In the event that you still wish to gamble online regardless of this fact then ensure you do your due diligence whenever choosing a respected site with reliable safety measures in place so you can enjoy your experience without any worries or concerns about your security or privacy being compromised.

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